HEX: “More millionaires will be made…”

11 days ago a new crypto emerged under the dead of night for most people around the world.

It’s a true, peer-to-peer, decentralized cryptocurrency that is secretly gaining massive adoption amongst early Bitcoin adopters and cypherpunks. Why? Because they believe, as do I, that this one crypto will appreciate in value faster and longer than anything to date and create more crypto millionaires in 2.5 years than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined.

Is it all hype or is it built on legitimate game theory that’s meant to make this coin pump? My belief is the latter.

This crypto addresses a market even larger than Bitcoin. Bank CD’s (certificate of deposit). You know the concept. You stake “X” amount of dollars for “X” amount of years and the bank rewards you with a higher % of interest for every year you stake. This is the same idea.

What do you get when you decentralize a several 100 Trillion dollar per year interest bearing financial products market like, Bank CD’s, and you combine that with complex game cryptocurrency game theory that is designed to appreciate in price like no other crypto in history?

You get, TheHEXcoin.com.

I have never been so excited about a crypto in my life! …and I’ve been invested in Bitcoin since 2015. I bought my first stack of BTC for under $200.

Since following TheHEXcoin.com closely 1 year ago, I quickly realized how powerful this will become. Most of the early adopters will likely see upwards of 10,000x gains within the first 3 years. Remember, Ethereum, XRP and many other cryptos 10,000x’d in a very short period of time …and none of them were programmed for the price to go up, like HEX.

There are 3 ways to accumulate HEX during it’s 365-day launch period…

  1. Just like when EOS launched, HEX has a function where you may convert ETH to HEX until the launch phase ends.
  2. You may pay a premium for it by purchasing it on exchanges.
  3. Create a referral link using your ETH address and refer others.

During the 1 year launch phase (we’re 11 days in) you will receive 10% bonus coins at TheHEXcoin.com. Watch the videos on this website for simple 3-step instructions for how to claim your free coins or use the “adoption amplifier” and convert ETH to HEX.

As of right now, over $1 Billion dollar in Bitcoin has free claimed their HEX. The OG’s know what’s up! But, do you want to know one of the best parts? Any Bitcoin holder who does not claim their free airdrop, will lose those coins after day 365 …and do you know where they go? They get distributed to all of the early HEX stakers who lock up their coins to earn interest. This means, you’ll not only earn interest for locking up your coins in HEX (the first blockchain CD), but you’ll also receive a massive year end bonus of all the unclaimed HEX from unaware Bitcoin holders. This could amount to millions of HEX being sent to early adopters once the launch phase is over!

Get started and claim your FREE coins at: TheHEXcoin.com



Cryptocurrency enthusiast with an eye on what made crypto great to begin with.

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Truth About Crypto

Cryptocurrency enthusiast with an eye on what made crypto great to begin with.