HEX Coin: The First High Interest Blockchain CD by Richard Heart

I think we all agree Bitcoin’s primary utility is a store of value, right?

But is it really the ULTIMATE Store-Of-Value cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin early adopter, Richard Heart, believes there is a better way to store value in crypto. He believes there is a better way to see exponential gains in the coming years.

His plan? …to launch an ERC-20 Ethereum token called, “HEX” — formerly Bitcoin Hex, and build the smart contract into the greatest game theory rewards structure the cryptoverse has ever seen.

The result?

#HEX coin outperforms all other crypto’s due to its unique incentive lockup model.

First, it’s important to note, HEXcoin is FREE to all Bitcoin hodler’s. So NO, it’s not a scam! You will have the opportunity to claim your free tokens in less than 2 weeks of this article’s publish date. You will receive 10,000 HEX coins for every 1 Bitcoin you hold. Visit www.TheHEXCoin.com for details.

The HEX coin staking model is scientific genius!

Why HEX Could 1000x in the Coming Bull Run:

There is currently no listed price for HEX coin. There will be a 50 Week claiming period where Bitcoin holders will have the opportunity to claim their free tokens. Whatever price we establish at the 50 week mark is when the fun begins. Can we 1,000x from that point onward? …if not more?

Richard, in his genius, has developed a model for staking and locking up coins, which is sure to drive up the price of HEX exponentially over time.

Here’s the basic overview:

  1. Once you claim your coins from TheHEXCoin.com you will be given the opportunity to stake your coins.
  2. When you decide to stake your coins via the HEX website, you will be rewarded with more HEX tokens. It’s simple. The longer you stake your coins (1 month, 1 year, 5 years, 50 years…) the more HEX you’ll receive.
  3. When your staking period ends, you’ll want to either pull those tokens or re-stake them. If you forget to pull your tokens at the end of the staking period, you will begin to lose those tokens every week. These lost tokens will then be distributed to the entire network of stakers.
  4. You should take note, HEX is setup to bring the maximum financial gains possible. This means, it’s builders had to develop highly sophisticated game theory which, 1. Is stacked against sellers, traders and short-term stakers — and those who forget to pull their newly unstaked coins. And 2. Is richly rewarding long term hodler’s who also pay attention to when their staking period(s) end.
  5. This brilliant model is allegedly going to make #HEXcoin the most valuable token in the crypto ecosystem.

Watch HEX Creator, Richard Heart, Explain How It Works:

If you don’t know Richard; here’s a guy who was not only smart enough to buy Bitcoin in the double digits, but also knows marketing. He lives to study the psychology of markets, specifically the crypto market. He knows what makes coins pump and dump. He put his decades of collective knowledge into developing a coin designed to pump hard and never return to prior lows.

Of course, there is no guarantee HEX will do anything. Richard is NOT promising anyone anything! It is simply my opinion that Richard has designed HEX with a stroke of genius. This, coupled with his uncanny ability to market projects, I can’t see how this could lose.

Remember, you and I have nothing to lose. It’s free money.

We simply visit the HEX website, let it take a snapshot of our Bitcoin holdings, claim our tokens, stake them, and let it ride.

Richard knows, more than most, that MARKETING is everything. Before becoming a Bitcoin billionaire, he ran a marketing company that employed upwards of 150 people. He knows how to work hard and take projects from nothing to the stratosphere.

So what have we got to lose?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to miss out on this one!

I listened to my friends who told me Bitcoin was a sketchy concept back in 2011–2012. So in my stupidity, I never got involved. In fact, I did not even do my own research. I let my “all-knowing” friends (very successful people in their own right) do my thinking for me. I’m not going to make that mistake twice.

We are presented with another chance to acquire a Bitcoinesque token as a FREE airdrop. Is it going to be more successful than Bitcoin? Who knows? But I’m sure as hell not going to stand by and do nothing, like the salty non-believers who are out there.

Richard rightly points to all of the other crypto projects that have airdropped FREE coins to Bitcoin holders. Just look at Stellar or Ripple. Like them or hate them, they gave free coins to Bitcoin holders. Now, those tokens are top 10 market cap crypto’s. They have been for a long time!

The #HEX coin model may not be the easiest to understand for non-technical people. But you don’t have to know the in’s and out’s to profit from it. I encourage you to do your own research at www.TheHEXcoin.com before moving forward.

“HEX: The first high interest blockchain CD”

Claiming and Staking #HEX coin is going to be like owning an extremely HIGH interest, high yield banking CD. Amplify this with the “pumpamentals” built into HEX, and you’ve potentially got your hands on a crypto that could one day overtake Bitcoin.

Cheers Future HEX Hodler’s!

Website: TheHEXcoin.com

Twitter: Twitter.com/HEXcrypto

Reddit: Reddit.com/r/HEXcrypto

YouTube: https://youtube.com/HEX



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