Bitcoin + Friends Online TV Show Announces Episode #2 Launch

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2 min readMay 22, 2019


Have you heard of this new animated series?

A little over 1 month ago, two Los Angeles based producers launched the pilot episode of Bitcoin and Friends. Within 2 weeks, they reached 250,000+ organic views on YouTube alone.


That was literally the height of the bear market (March 28th, 2019). After this pilot episode launched, the market shifted and the bulls took over! There is some speculation out there, which suggests this show helped start the great bull run of 2019. Could it be? Anything is possible.

These two crypto-loving LA producers just announced their team has nearly completed Episode #2 of the show. It’s launching on June 15th, 2019.

Here’s the announcement video posted yesterday:

Bitcoin: “To The Moon”

Alex Mashinsky, Founder of the well-known crypto lending platform, Celsius Network, is sponsoring the show.

It’s interesting. Many brilliant people seem to be having a hard time discovering how to attract the next 500 million people to crypto. Most crypto apps don’t have anywhere near 250,000 users! Then, two crypto fans from Newport Beach, LA come onto the scene and reach a ton of new people with zero budget and zero marketing.

The pure virality of this content is what we need to educate the masses through entertainment. You want to change the world with crypto? Share these videos with your friends and family!

If you haven’t seen Episode #1 yet, you can watch it here:

If you’re a fan of South Park, you’re going to love this show!

It’s official! Crypto has it’s very own Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and they’re going to increase crypto adoption like nothing else we’ve seen before.

Grab some popcorn and get ready. It’s show time!



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