At Long Last, Cryptoculture has an Irreverent Cartoon Series

Bitcoin and Friends blends take-no-punches commentary with Bitcoin lore to wake up the masses

(Newport Beach, CA) June 18, 2019 — From The Simpsons to South Park to Family Guy to Rick and Morty, cartoons have become satirical voices of their respective generations, challenging social norms with biting commentary and irreverent humor.

Now, there’s a new animated voice for the Crypto generation… Bitcoin and Friends. The first episode in the series premiered in late March on YouTube, and quickly amassed 250,000 views. Series creators Uncle Chris and Rob Allen funded the episode out of their own pocket as a way to help explain Bitcoin to the masses.

“While cryptocurrency has grown exponentially since its inception, it is only now starting to break through to the masses,” says Allen. “We wanted to help explain the benefits of Bitcoin to people in a way that would help them capitalize on it. Bitcoin and Friends seemed like a fun way to do that.”

Part cryptocurrency Schoolhouse Rock, part take-no-prisoners social commentary, Bitcoin and Friends tells the story of the rise of Bitcoin’s popularity through its titular character, a confused giant coin with a major existential crisis. Bitcoin wakes up one morning and has no idea who he is or where he came from — only that he occasionally throws up miniature versions of himself who run around and dance.

As Bitcoin searches to find himself, what he winds up discovering is a world rife with economic and social inequality due to the imbalance of power of the current global economic structure. Bitcoin soon finds himself cold, alone, and being horrifically abused by some homeless people in an alley. When things couldn’t possibly be bleaker, he’s rescued by Jones, a tough-talking ice cream truck driver who has his own reasons for disliking the system. Together, the two begin a journey to track down Bitcoin’s mysterious maker.

Following the success of Bitcoin and Friends’ pilot episode, the creators got a second episode crowdfunded. Episode 2 has already racked up 60,000 views in just 3 days. The duo hopes that the shows burgeoning popularity will get them funding for more episodes, as well as turn more people on to the importance of cryptocurrency in today’s world.

“As long as there have been currencies, the wealth from those currencies has resided in the hands of the few,” says Allen. “We’re hoping Bitcoin and Friends will help Bitcoin become the currency that changes that.”


Cryptocurrency enthusiast with an eye on what made crypto great to begin with.

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Truth About Crypto

Cryptocurrency enthusiast with an eye on what made crypto great to begin with.