3 Reasons Why Richard Heart Is A HERO, Not a Villain

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8 min readAug 16, 2020


HYPOCRITES! That’s what the crypto market is full of…

…hypocrites who tell you that cryptocurrencies were designed to be censorship resistant and immutable. They tell you crypto was designed to empower the individual and free mankind from oppression and financial slavery.

“Crypto was invented to get rid of banks and middlemen.” they say.
“Be your own bank!” they say.

Wonderful! This sounds like a worthy cause, doesn’t it?

While that is the message that brought me into crypto, EVERYDAY I hear those very same “experts” and “influencers” praising coins that introduce middle men and counter party risk.

Everyday I see them praise the idea of banks entering crypto and controlling your private keys…

Everyday I see them rejoice over the launch of centralized products and services that force you to reveal your private data (KYC) and institute crony gatekeeping tactics to silence projects they don’t like.

Everyday I see “trusted” influencers promote legitimate scams that crash and burn after literally days of going live…

…and all the while, most of these people (not all), scream at the top of their lungs that Richard Heart is a scammer. They tell you he’s a fraud! …a liar and a cheat. The “SPAM King” they call him. They claim he built “Bitconnect 2.0” with HEX — a DeFi product his team spent 2 years developing.

Today, I’m going to tell you why Richard Heart is NOT the villain some people make him out to be.

If you can’t think for yourself, leave now! This article is NOT for you!

3 Reasons Why Richard Heart Is A Hero

1. The man has been creating and publishing valuable self-help and crypto content for years, and never charging anyone a single penny!

Do scammers really invest years of their life creating useful things, like Heart’s book SciVive, and never trying to sell it to anyone? …sounds like a very unprofitable scammer.

Richard, who was a very early Bitcoin miner and investor, has also spent 2+ years giving away free crypto price calls …again without charging a single dime to anyone!

The man has 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 62,000 followers on Twitter. How easy would it be for him to setup a Trading Group and charge people big money for hot tips on new coins or trade setups?

Additionally, Richard has openly educated crypto users on the dangers of trading and how toxic it is to your life and your finances. In fact, he’s the first crypto influencer I’ve ever come across (and I know them all) to speak this truth to all, as unpopular as it is.

Today, virtually the entire crypto market is made up of margin traders and speculators that rival Vegas City gamblers.

Richard has pissed off a large swath of people with his “anti-trading” education, to say the least. Centralized crypto margin trading platforms hate this guy! They spend ridiculous sums of money encouraging degenerate crypto gambling.

Bear in mind, crypto is not a large community. When you have a player large enough, such as Heart, speaking out against your business model, it significantly impacts your bottom line.

By encouraging people to stop trading, Heart is actually saving families and saving lives. 97% of people ultimately fail at this game and get destroyed. It’s not useful.

2. Richard Heart bluntly tells the truth.

Many people severely dislike how Heart communicates. He comes across as conceited, ego-driven, condescending and brash. If you watch any of his YouTube debates with fellow influencers, it doesn’t take long before Heart is calling them “stupid” for not understanding what’s he’s saying.

Does that mean he’s a scammer?


Does it mean he’s an asshole? Arguably at times, yes.

However, just listen to what he’s saying. Think for yourself!

The man gets upset easily when he sees those in positions of power or influence taking advantage of others. He legitimately speaks out against corruption and malevolence in crypto.

Heart bluntly tells the truth about what’s right and wrong in crypto. He does not sugar coat anything!

I respect and appreciate this. In fact, this brutal honesty has saved me several times from making poor decisions, even as a relatively seasoned crypto investor.

Many people look at Heart’s brashness and instantly write him off as being a “bad” person. Sure, he ridicules others and uses profanity. There’s no denying that. And I’m not going to defend such behavior.

Yet, his arguments are extremely logical and intelligent. Additionally, they are practical and useful arguments!

The man knows his stuff and has been proven right OVER and OVER again!

You may find his polarizing communication style to be offensive. That’s fine. In many ways, I agree with this position. However, it does not negate that fact that Heart’s freely shared knowledge and truth-telling is accurate and provable.

While Heart is not someone I’d necessarily wish to hang with everyday, I will continue to follow his work closely.

Growing up, Heart was sent to a special school for gifted children. He’s obviously quite brilliant. But what do you get when you couple genius with growing up on the streets of Miami? Richard Heart.

Again, does any of this make him a bad person? A scammer?


Some of the world’s great innovators and entrepreneurs share similar qualities to Heart. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to name a few. Their personalities or communication style does not necessarily mean they are bad people, out to harm others.

Richard Heart, asshole or not, has proven himself to be a man who speaks the truth when no one else will.

3. Richard Heart founded arguably the most decentralized financial crypto product to date.

Why all the hate for Heart’s now 8 month old token, HEX?

It’s an immutable (unchanging) smart contract built on the Ethereum blockchain. HEX emulates that of a Certificate of Deposit or a Bond in the real world.

Heart filled a brilliant niche by building a Time Deposit product for crypto. It’s one of the most successful financial products of all time, globally. How is that a bad thing?

What’s interesting is HEX is true DeFi, and yet there seems to be haters everywhere.

Popular crypto sites like CoinMarketCap.com are censoring HEX.

HEX should be listed in the top 26 coins with a market cap of nearly $1 billion. But it’s not. CMC is owned by the centralized Chinese exchange and margin trading platform, Binance. What motive might they have for keeping HEX off the first page?

Uniswap, a decentralized exchange which was quite literally popularized by HEX and its Founder, is gatekeeping HEX. Even though HEX was the #1 token trading on Uniswap for several months, still they would not list it in the drop down menu. And yet, they listed actual scams in their searchable menu.


I was there when HEX was being built. Heart invited his community to an early Telegram chat, then called “Bitcoin HEX.” Heart would ask us for ideas and suggestions on the token design and economics. Together, this early group helped shape HEX into what it would become.

Do you really think we would all contribute to and support something that did not have our best interest in mind?

Heck, at least one of us contributed significantly to the “Shares” model that was ultimately coded into the HEX staking system. A volunteer developer named, Kyle, was a key player in this effort.

Kyle was not a paid member of the team, nor were any of us. We had no stake in helping Richard Heart build a “scam” that would “inevitably collapse and wreck everyone” as the haters would suggest.

On the surface, HEX is quite simple. It works like a blockchain CD. You stake your HEX and earn more HEX in the form of interest. The interest comes from a 3.69% yearly inflation rate. If less token holders stake, then you earn more than the minimum 3.69% interest.

What if you were the only one in the network staking? Then you’d earn all of that yearly 3.69% inflation, bringing you 369% interest.

There is NOTHING “ponzi” about this concept. It’s simple.

Richard Heart designed HEX to do what crypto does best, appreciate in value. Crypto is the best performing asset class in all of human history. Bitcoin went up over 2 Million times from one penny in about 7 years. Does that make it a scam or a ponzi?


Heart simply wanted to build something that improved greatly upon this concept. If crypto’s greatest utility is a store-of-value and speculation, then why not develop the ultimate DeFi product that offers you the very best of both?

That’s what HEX does.

Additionally, it has all of these other amazing features, such as privacy (built by community devs) with HEXnado and high transaction throughput of 2,000 TPS with ZKsync.

The fact is, HEX does many things better than the vast majority of cryptocurrencies.

HEX has ZERO backdoor admin keys, unlike most “DeFi” products.

HEX has no KYC and no middlemen.

HEX is 100% decentralized and since Day 1 has had 100% uptime, unlike most “DeFi” products.

HEX was designed so well that it offers arguably the highest APY of any DeFi product in all of crypto, and it does so in a trustless manner.

HEX has had 3 independent audits! Yes THREE! …which you may read at HEX.com.

Everything in HEX is transparent and public.

It didn’t take long for smart investors to catch on, including ETH Genesis Whales, to the greatness of the HEX product. That’s why shortly after launch, HEX saw an increase in price by 11,500% within 4 months!
Haters say this massive price appreciation in a short period of time somehow makes HEX “Bitconnect 2.0”, which was an actual ponzi scam from 2017.

If you truly look into HEX and understand it, you’ll realize it’s everything crypto was originally invented to be. It does make you your own bank. It does empower the individual to control his own financial destiny. It is censorship resistant. There is no AML/KYC. It is trustless and immutable.

The incredible thing is, HEX was probably the 1st TRULY DeFi product to launch.

It obviously scares a lot of people. But in my opinion, it scares the right people…

  • The gatekeepers
  • The centralized exchanges
  • The hypocritical influencers profiteering on the monetary loss of their followers
  • The fake DeFi platforms and their teams
  • The narrow-minded who can’t see beyond Heart’s rough exterior
  • Those who do not think for themselves
  • The banks and Finance 1.0 who see HEX as a threat to their global monopoly


Richard Heart spent 2 years of his life to build HEX the right way. He used his own money…a small fortune no doubt…to build HEX the right way. And honestly, he set the standard for ALL future crypto projects.

Don’t throw up some flashy website and ask us for our money before doing any work!

Don’t ask me to invest in your useless token that “one day” will have utility in your future platform.

I’m fed up with empty promises and vaporware.

That was the game of 2017…the ICO craze.

It destroyed an untold number of well meaning people.

HEX has already made more little guys rich than any other crypto I’ve seen developed in all of my 6 years in the marketplace.


HEX set the standard in another category. FAIR Launches.

HEX was a fairly launched crypto.

It gave everyone, even the little guy like me, the opportunity from Day 1 to acquire HEX. There was no special pre-sale, no insider investor token sale for Heart’s buddies, and no favoritism showed toward whales.

The HEX model allowed, and continues to allow, for the creation of new whales. Yes, even little guys can become whales in HEX.


Like it or not, because of what Richard Heart has done and is doing, everyone developing crypto solutions will be forced to be better! They’ll forever be forced to build better products and create more fair distribution models. They’ll be compelled to innovate further and not settle for less. They’ll be forced to be more honest and transparent.

This is a net positive for the world.

This is useful.

This is all thanks to Richard Heart!



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